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Blogposts of interest

Words and swords

This week someone asked me to teach him some sword, sabre, staff, applications and sparring. He was a competitive fencer as a young man, so it will be interesting. It will be good to see if my body can do what it needs. Also, to see how I have softened (or not) over the twoContinue reading “Words and swords”


There is a line that comes to me at least once every week. Like so many things that have made a deep impression on me, and changed the way I go about my daily life, they were first spoken by my late T’ai Chi grandmaster John Kells. He said, ‘Softness is when our physicality noContinue reading “Softness”

A place to practice

It’s been a while since I posted. There was a huge fire where I lived and I lost my studio, half of all my possessions, my community, place in nature and the river, which had been my home for 8 years. But I am well, no one was hurt and life has changed in soContinue reading “A place to practice”


We need time and space to practice skills.


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