Latest news – March 2023: Check our Instructors page to check if taichi classes already run near you, and contact the teacher directly. For one off events or workshops, use our contact form on the home page to get in touch, include your location and level of experience, or details of your event and organisation, and a local instructor will get back to you soon.

Partnerwork outdoors in Aberdeenshire before lockdown restrictions

Aberdeenshire classes run in various venues every term. People with a little T’ai Chi experience are welcome to get in touch to see if they may join an ongoing group at their level of experience.

Warm mornings at Tooting Bec Lido

London: NOTE: This class is currently being held at Woodfield Pavilion on a Wednesday morning, 09.00 – 10.00am.  on Tooting Bec while the lido is being refurbished.

The popular Tooting Bec Lido Pavilion Short Form class has resumed with instructor Kevin Devine as teacher. He is a student with The T’ai Chi Centre and is an experienced and inspiring teacher. Classes are one Wednesday mornings at the Lido Pavilion at 9am and cost £8, just turn up!

Early Gothenburg workshops

Gothenburg (Goteborg, Sweden) classes with Christina Fors are running and details are here.

Online classes via Zoom are running with both me and my teacher

Online Yang Style Short Form classes with me, and Long Form classes with our teacher Master Mark Raudva are open to all who have studied with me, Mark or John Kells and his students over the years. This class runs on a Thursday night via Zoom 7.30-9pm, £10. Get in touch if you would like to receive the invite. There are also a Left Side special form class and a new Dance Forms from the beginning, also £10 per lesson, get in touch for details. Skype and Zoom 121 classes with Mark are always available.

We also run one-off workshops and courses for schools, colleges, businesses and organisations, please get in touch. Several of the instructors have long experience teaching differently-abled students, people with special educational needs, and can also offer classes tailored to relaxation, mental well-being or stress-reduction in the workplace.

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