Master Mark Raudva demonstrating uprooting in 2011

Caroline Ross has been a student of Mark Raudva since 2001 and still studies with him on a weekly basis. She is the senior instructor assisting him at classes and workshops and runs the admin for The T’ai Chi Centre, including organising the week-long summer T’ai Chi intensive for the last 15 years.

Mark Raudva studied with Dr. John Kells at the British T’ai Chi Ch’uan Association for nine years. Mark began teaching in 1989, he founded The T’ai Chi Centre in 1995.

Studying with John Kells in Chepstow 2010

Dr. John Kells founded the B.T.C.C.A. in 1968 – it is the oldest T’ai Chi organisation in Europe. In 1976 Dr. Kells was the first Westerner to become an internationally recognised Master of T’ai Chi Ch’uan, he has had many notable teachers, one of the most important being Dr. Chi Chiang Tao who was Professor Cheng Man-ch’ing’s top student. John Kells died 6th January 2017.

GRTC students and Caroline with John Kells in London 2006
Dr Chi Chiang Tao
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