Welcome! This website is under construction during January 2021 and will be finished by February. In the meantime our old website is still up and running at Great River T’ai Chi and our events diary is still at the GRTC blog. Soon, both those will migrate here, along with loads of resources, information and great pictures. Most importantly, all our in person and online classes will soon be here too. In the meantime go to our Instagram for over 70 free short lessons on warm-ups, chi kung and meditations, uploaded especially for lockdown, and free for everyone to use.

If you are looking for the Great River Taichi USA school, run by the excellent Barbara Davis, it is no longer at this web address. Although we are not affiliated with them, and chose our name in 2002 from the T’ai Chi Classics independently, we have huge respect for Barbara’s work and books, and have been in touch over the years.

Keep an eye out here for our updates coming soon. Best wishes for 2021, Caroline Ross, Principal and founder Great River T’ai Chi.

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