Two sides of the mountain

The Chinese pictogram/word/term ‘yin’ originally had one specific meaning: ‘the side of the mountain in darkness’; and ‘yang’ meant: ‘the side of the mountain in sunlight’.

Inherent in this strong image is the implication that yin is always in the process of transforming into yang, and vice versa. 

Be wary of those who insist on the fixed nature of anything. It’s not ‘just the light’ that changes. Even the mountain itself was once a seabed, and will one day again be sand. With the eyes of a geological epoch, everything is fizzing with life and is in flux.

The featured picture is a drawing I made on handmade deerskin parchment, with a feather quill pen and oak gall ink, called ‘Blasted’. It first appeared in Dark Mountain ‘Fabula’.

Published by Caroline Ross

Artist, maker, teacher of earth materials, founder of Great River T'ai Chi.

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