An early winter workshop

I am freshly home from 3 days studying with my T’ai Chi Master in South London at his first ‘early winter long weekend’. As ever, I learned so much and had a great time pushing hands with my classmates. Not enough is said of the deep ongoing conviviality that comes with moving around rooms with a group of people for many years, it really is a source of great joy in my life. So, no deep philosophy this week, just a few nice pictures from the class and as I am usually the one behind the camera, I asked a friend to take a couple of me with my teacher and classmates. More blogging soon, but bye for now.

Been pushing hands with this one about 20 years.
With my teacher, Master Mark Raudva of The T’ai Chi Centre
Practising Step Back to Repulse Monkey with gentle intent

Published by Caroline Ross

Artist, maker, teacher of earth materials, founder of Great River T'ai Chi.

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