Beginners class with my teacher in South London

My teacher Mark Raudva of The T’ai Chi Centre is welcoming beginners for the first time in many years, Tuesday nights, 7-8.15pm, Holy Trinity Church Hall, near Tooting Bec tube. Classes cost £15 and details can be found here. There is no class on 7th March 2023, classes resume on 14th. I will be attendingContinue reading “Beginners class with my teacher in South London”

An early winter workshop

I am freshly home from 3 days studying with my T’ai Chi Master in South London at his first ‘early winter long weekend’. As ever, I learned so much and had a great time pushing hands with my classmates. Not enough is said of the deep ongoing conviviality that comes with moving around rooms withContinue reading “An early winter workshop”

Taiji People

This just in from our great friend, T’ai Chi Master Sam Masich. He has been editing film he has shot over many years and has produced 3 episodes of  ‘Taiji People’. Have a look below and find the others on Youtube too. ‘In this, the third episode of Taiji People, I visit world renowned taijiquanContinue reading “Taiji People”

Taichi, what’s in a name?

The name of our martial art, ‘T’ai Chi Ch’uan’ (or taiji quan in Pinyin) literally translates as ‘supreme ultimate fist’ or ‘great polarity boxing’, but in reality cannot simply be transformed into anything meaningful in English without a bit of backstory. Luckily etymology is one of my favourite diversions… Ch’uan or quan translates as ‘fist’,Continue reading “Taichi, what’s in a name?”