Event reviews

Review of Push Hands Hannover for Taichi Chuan and Oriental Arts Magazine: As a newbie to The International Push Hands Meet, what can I say? Ronnie Robinson asked me to write a personal view probably because I’m not an ‘old hand’, and I have to say that I will certainly be back again next yearContinue reading “Event reviews”


For Beginners The Essence of T’ai Chi Ch’uan – The Literary Tradition, Lo/Inn /Amacker/Foe (trans.), North Atlantic Books (1979). (A slim, concise edition of the classics) T’ai Chi Ch’uan – Becoming One with the Tao, Petra & Toyo Kobayashi, Tuttle Martial Arts (2008). (This excellent illustrated book is ideal as a text book for thoseContinue reading “READING LIST”